Quorex’s engineering capabilities have increased year on year. It’s focus is on natural gas compression, gas treatment and power generation applications. Quorex offers a wide range of engineering solutions. They include but are not limited to (a) new unit design, (b) re-engineering existing equipment for new applications, (c) retrofitting & modernizing through the use of improved equipment/technical solutions.

All leading to improved plant and equipment reliability / performance.


Project audit & control


In 2013/14, our client had purchased three (3) large compressors packages from a fabricator in China, but was not familiar with the engineering design, calculations nor quality assurance.

Quorex provided the engineering consulting services with the necessary audit and critical design review to ensure the package not only would perform to it's potential, but would also meet the stringent specifications of the end user in Kazakhstan. 

compressor design & build

Central Asia

Quorex is currently delivering three (3) modular reciprocating compressor sets for a boosting application. Budget is $5 to $10m. Quorex’s design involvement started with the original FEED study, through to complete module construction and delivery. 

The selected solution is fully compliant with stringent standards. The technical solution proposed is the most cost-effective solution for the customer. To date, the project is on-schedule and on-budget for delivery in 2018.



controls modernisation

Middle East

Critical gas engine equipment had been in operation in the deserts of the Persian Gulf for over 15 years, however, availability was below 65%. Quorex has been supporting certain end users directly for many years, and in this instance provided the required Altronic parts and expertise to completely upgrade the control systems.

A limitation to the Air/Fuel ratio, ignition timing and overall monitoring of the engines had meant that detonation was a common problem in summertime. The control systems made all the difference, and availability is now at 97+%.