New/Reciprocating Compressors

Quorex is actively involved in the supply of new compression equipment. It’s extensive experience of gas compressors in remote and harsh working conditions ensure practical yet state of the art technical solutions. 

Quorex proposes turnkey solutions. It proposes & designs the most adapted and economical technical solutions, engineers the selected equipment, supervises the construction/packaging, takes responsibility for the supply of the new compression equipment and its commissioning on site. 

The applications Quorex is working on are for gas gathering, boosting & injection and pipeline gas compression. 



Quorex is in the business of supplying new modular compressor sets for gas gathering, boosting, injection and other applications. We can design solutions around GOST, ASME and other common industrial standards. 

In 2017, Quorex has taken responsibility for the complete construction of three booster compressors to be used for Central Asia. The solution proposed by Quorex was the most cost competitive, considered the most flexible, while remaining compliant with stringent local standards. 

The project is on track for delivery ahead of the originally anticipated schedule. To date, the customer has not faced any cost adders versus the original contracted scope & price. 


Wellhead compressors can solve liquid loading issues in aging wells, allowing wells to produce for an additional length of time. It is simple and be very cost effective in selected well conditions. 

Outright purchasing a new compressor package, albeit small, does not always make sense for the limited production period left. 

Quorex offers wellhead compressor rental services, allowing producers to benefit from the residual oil and gas in their mature fields. Wellhead compression rental eliminates the need for an initial investment required for the purchase of a new compressor set.