Offshore Equipment

Quorex has extensive experience working for O&G customers in Africa. In addition to its core activities, optimising the operations of rotating production equipment, it is advising in several parts of Africa, two major suppliers of offshore equipment and in particular Dunlop Oil and Marine, dominant supplier of submarine and floating marine hoses and Gall Thomson, dominant supplier of Marine Breakaway Couplings




Dunlop Oil and Marine, part of Continental AG, is the world leading manufacturer of hoses for the Oil and Gas industry. 

DO&M has been producing offshore oil hoses for 50+ years and remains at the forefront of technical innovation and quality with a worldwide supply record, unrivalled in the industry.

Products include: 

- GMPHOM 2009 marine floating and submarine hoses: DO&M is the first hose manufacturer to attain the OCIMF specification when it came out recently.
- LNG hoses: DO&M produces lighweight, flexible cryogenic hoses for LNG transfer
- Fluid handling systems: DO&M has unique experience, ranging from single storage reels to complete hose handling and fluid transfer systems
- High pressure hoses: leading manufacturer of bonded high pressure drilling and production hoses
- Hoses and couplings: comprehensive range of industrial and hydraulic hose assemblies

Clients include all the major users of marine hoses worldwide. References are available on demand.  



Gall Thomson (GT) Marine Break Away Couplings (MBC) - Minimising the risk of offshore spills!

GT is the leader, word wide, in the design, manufacture & application of Marine Breakaway Couplings (MBC). MBCs operate within floating/subsea hose strings and activate (shutting down flow) after an undue overload (for example during loading or discharging - tanker breakout) or an extreme pressure surge.  Marine breakaway couplings can be used in a variety of operations, including SPM, Conventional/multi berth mooring, FPSO, offshore terminal crude oil, refined products and bunker hose strings, under-buoy and subsea manifold flexible risers, etc.

GT is part of the Klaw group, a global leader in the design and manufacture of Emergency Release Systems. Gall Thomson invented the petal valve MBC & conceived the flip-flap valve MBC. With over 35 yrs of operational experience, GT’s Petal Valve MBC is the industry standard, offering an unmatched record for reliability and durability and significantly reducing the risk of spillage during transfer. GT has many more MBCs in operation than any other manufacturer in the world! GT manufactures in its UK based -  ISO 9001: 2008 (QMS) & ISO 14001: 2004 (Environmental Management System) certified - facilities.